The Shane’s Crib System

Shane's Crib is a seven month program, with evaluations for Rizpah House Transitional Home.
We have carefully planned the schedule so the needs of the residents are met in a manner that will allow them to be bridged back into society. We provide an environment where these sisters, daughters, wives, and mothers can begin to feel worthy and loved again. Teaching them how to allow Jesus to be the ultimate authority in their lives.

The foundation of the system is based on developing a personal relationship with Jesus. The education of addiction and recovery is broken down into a three phase process. We are also a work program, with the residents going to work after 6 Months to full time employment.

The philosophy of TOTAL RECOVERY

Total recovery is a wheel whose hub is a personal relationship with God through Christ which produces sobriety. Many patients come directly from inpatient care while others come directly from home. To participate in our program ladies must be willing to begin a new recovery lifestyle and maintain abstinence from all mood altering chemicals. This decision to stop the use is the first major decision that must be made. Throughout the program this commitment must continually be made one day at a time. Our program requires abstinence of drug and alcohol use and a parallel termination of all non-drug compulsive behaviors

The first spoke of this wheel is SUPPORT GROUPS.

Through reaching out to others, sharing common experiences, strength and hope, support groups, both volunteer and professional, become partners in the pathway to recovery.

The most successful movement in history for bringing about recovery is Alcoholics Anonymous. AA has offered wisdom, simple power to change lives and great compassion for the alcoholic. Shane's Crib includes seven led support groups on location and we require a minimum of two AA/NA groups weekly for participants in the recovery programs.

Education about the 12-Step program, Alcoholics Anonymous and completion of step assignments are integral to our chemical dependency program. Women are expected to obtain a sponsor and complete all steps, in detail during their stay with us.


Through teaching and Life Skills meetings we provide weekly opportunities for growth and support of family members who have hurts and brokenness as a result of addiction.

The core curriculum focuses on issues such as family systems of dysfunctional families, shame, guilt, co-dependency and communication problems. Sessions with families and couples are available off-site.

Shane's Crib recognizes that addiction is spread in families and that genuine healing occurs through families as well. Restoration of these broken relationships does not always occur, much to our dismay. However we work to support our residents in the task of finding their family of choice. Often this becomes the recovery residence friends, Spiritual Life, Group friends, or church friends.


After six Months regular employment aids recovery. Shane's Crib is well aware of how society has made work a prime source of self-valuation and esteem.

We teach a new set of work values instead of just valuing work. When women learn to get up, clean up, and show up, they begin to feel better about themselves and they build positive self-esteem on top of sober days.

Stability replaces chaos. Competence replaces excuse making. Growth replaces deterioration. Joy replaces self-contempt. Hope rises. How is your work record? In addition, leisure activities and fun must be re-learned for the recovering person. Special times set aside for relaxation is a part of the therapeutic environment.


The meaning of Recovery is a new lifestyle that results from radical personal choice to live sober and sane. This new change happens from surrender of the old self and acceptance of new attitudes and new relationships with self, others, and God through Jesus Christ.

This change is the fruit that grows in the garden of our lives. Spirituality is tending to the garden. We teach about the restructuring of our daily schedule to include prayer, meditation, and community.

In the traditional story of the followers of Jesus we are told that His words were, "But who do you say that I am?" Shane's Crib asks that question in the light of AA spirituality. Who is God as YOU understand Him today? Addiction creates a dark hold that only spirituality can fill.