Frequently Asked Questions
"Our Mission is to present to men and women an understanding of Christ's forgiveness and acceptance through the study of God's Holy Word and 12-step recovery program."

What is drug addiction?

Drug/alcohol addiction is a complex, and often chronic, brain disease. It is characterized by drug craving, seeking, and use that can persist even in the face of devastating life consequences. Addiction results largely from brain changes that stem from prolonged drug/alcohol use-changes that involve multiple brain circuits, including those responsible for governing self-control and other behaviors.

How quickly can someone become addicted

Becoming addicted to a drug/alcohol depends on many factors, including your biology (your genes), age, gender, environment, and interactions among these factors. Vast differences characterize individual sensitivity to various drugs and to addiction vulnerability. While one person may use a drug one or many times and suffer no ill effects, another person may overdose with first use or become addicted after a few uses.

How do I know if someone is addicted to drugs?

If a person is compulsively seeking and using alcohol/drug(s) despite negative consequences, such as loss job, debt, family problems, or physical problems brought on by drug abuse, then he or she probably is addicted. And while people who are addicted may believe they can stop any time, most often they cannot, and will need professional help.

What are the admission requirements for Shane's Crib?

All of our residents must meet our general admission requirements which can be found on the contact us page.

What are residents allowed to bring with them to Shane's Crib

Shane's Crib provides the residents our program will all their basic needs. An additional list supplies and personal belongings that residents will need to bring can be found on the contact us page.