Tips For Family & Friends

First Things First
Take care of yourself - you're worth it. Prioritize your needs and don't over commit yourself. Have patience and learn. Plan and act on the things which are important to you. There is no express elevator to serenity - only the twelve steps of recovery, taken one step at a time.

One Day At A Time
Live in today's reality, don't overdo, and keep it simple. When projecting on our past or future, remember we can only take care of what is happening now. Just for today focus on serenity and peace of mind. Today is all I have, let me do with it the best I can. God gave me this one day. I have a choice of how to spend it.

That Which Does Not Kill Me Makes Me Stronger
When we go through turmoil and troubles and we feel like we can't take anymore or we will die, and then we live through it, we realize how much we have grown and how strong we have become. We gain the strength and courage to face the next situation we face, we will be stronger because of the learned experience.

Don't Let Anyone Walk Around In Your Head
We tend to let others control our lives. We allow people to rob us of our dreams. Just when we think we've got it together, someone will make a statement or remark about how we should act or what we should be and we allow those remarks to make us question and doubt ourselves. We give these people power over us. No one else should control our lives. We are in control of our own lives and destiny with the help of our higher power. We cannot live our lives through other people's thoughts or action. We don't have to allow ourselves or our thoughts to be controlled by someone else's judgment.

God Only Prunes Those That Have Potential to Grow
The tree that grows the straightest and strongest is the one which is pruned and trimmed. The time of pruning, the tree looks bare and lonesome. But, it is the tree that will grow back stronger than before. Your greatest problems are God's way of making you stronger. He is pruning you because he knows that you will become a better, more fully developed human being and most important, He knows that you can survive the pruning. A good gardener knows how much to prune.