Family Involvement

Resident's Recovery Support Group

In order for your loved one (daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend etc.) to successfully complete the Shane's Crib program and gain the tools necessary to become a contributing member of society, it is imperative that you (family, significant other, or friend) give resident your love and support, not only while here but after returning home.

Regardless of why your love one is here, this could be the most important time of her life, if she wants it to be, and if you're willing to help. In order for you to support your love one, you need to know as much as possible about the disease of addiction, what's going on within, what she is going through and what unresolved issues exist between you and your love one.

We dedicate one Saturday per month towards "Family Day". Members of each resident's recovery support group are encouraged to attend. You will be notified by mail of these meetings, and we strongly urge you to attend. This will be your chance to learn about the disease your loved one has, to air your feelings, concerns, and yes, even fears with other family members, some of whom have been in the program for a period of time.

In order to participate in Family Day you must attend a support meeting * where you live and attend those meetings on a frequent basis. These meetings will be very helpful to you in educating yourself on this disease and learning how others have coped with it.

* These support meetings may include Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Celebrate Recovery, or other similar programs.