Shane’s Crib provides  a  safe,  loving, warm,   peaceful,  Godly  environment.  We  laugh  together, cry together, pray together, play together, and worship together. We are dedicated to helping our ladies  become the well-rounded  women  of  God  that  He  originally intended for them to be. We also prepare them to become productive members of our society, as well as to become good mothers, wives, friends and citizens.


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The Shane’s Crib staff is very pleased to know that you have recognized that your life is out of control and that you want to change. We are honored that you are considering Shane’s Crib program as a vehicle to help you with this endeavor. Today, there are many people like you; who are living productive lives as a result of choosing to get recovery.

It is our desire that you fully understand the Shane’s Crib program prior to enrollment; so you will be sure you are entering the right program for your specific needs.

Shane’s Crib is based upon the fact that man’s basic need is a relationship with God, through Jesus Christ. People use drugs and alcohol in the attempt to fill the void in their lives that only Jesus Christ can fill. When Jesus is genuinely received as Lord and Savior of one’s life, a total transformation will follow. By that, we mean the person’s life will radically change. The Lord Jesus Christ is not interested in whether or not you go to church or have “said a prayer,” He must be Lord of all your life. In fact, He will deal with your attitude and the motives of your heart.

Therefore, Shane’s Crib is not laid back, glorified drop in center. It is a spiritual awakening (Spirit, soul and body) renewal center for women that want to be free from life- controlling habits and become alive unto God.

REMEMBER, Shane’s Crib is governed by BIBLICAL love. It is not always an easy, “soft” love. At times this love is demonstrated by staff members confronting you with things you don’t want to hear. They are willing to risk temporary rejection because it is for your ultimate good. Their goal is not to pacify you nor try to make you feel happy, rather, to teach you how to live and walk with God.  The Bible teaches us that a happy, blessed life is a by-product of a right relationship with God.

Upon entering Shane’s Crib, you will soon discover it is not the perfect place, neither is it full of perfect, “easy-to-get-along-with” people.  Most of them have many problems, bad habits and defense mechanisms as you do. However, there is no better place to develop inter-personal skills to grow in patience and love. May God bless you and give you wisdom on your decision!

We look forward to being a part of your life transformation!

Pastor Cheryl Mainor

Executive Director