What we believe…
Take by Force Ministries is dedicated to relieving the suffering of those addicted to alcohol and other substances by the use of spiritual means.
We believe that addiction is primarily a spiritual disease which is manifested in the physical body.
We believe that spiritual disease must be battled using spiritual methods.

• We are a Christian organization. We believe the God of the Holy Bible. We believe that God exists in three-part form: God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ) and God the Holy Ghost. We believe these three are one.
• We believe the Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God. We believe the Bible is complete on it’s own, that it is infallible, and that it contains instructions on how God commands us to live, behave, and believe.
• We believe that Jesus Christ, who is one and shares divinity with God the Father and God the Holy Ghost, came to earth in human form, as a baby born to a virgin, conceived by the Holy Ghost. We believe that while on earth He was fully human and fully divine. We believe that He completed His mission on earth to remain sinless. We believe He was crucified as the lamb chosen to redeem the sins of mankind. We believe that He died, and that He was resurrected three days later, having paid the price for the sins of mankind with His own blood. We believe he ascended into heaven, where He continues to make intercession for those who believe on Him. We believe that Jesus is coming back soon.
• We believe in sanctification as a work of grace and as an ongoing process in the heart of the believer.
• We believe that a Christian should strive to live a life of holiness.
• We believe Christians must care for the needs, hurts and concerns of our fellow man.
• We believe that Christians can and should use all means of communication (modern and otherwise) to reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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