Take By Force Ministries is an evangelistic ministry that crosses all denominational barriers bringing the message of salvation, hope, deliverance, and restoration. She has ministered to hundreds of men, women and children, jail & prison ministry and many other various groups, but primarily as a minister to the church body.

Cheryl Mainor was called into the ministry in 2000 and since that time, she has founded Mothers Against Substance Abuse (M.A.S.A.) Take By Force Ministries Inc. Cheryl, is a celebrated teacher, wife & beloved mother and mentor, spirit-led preacher of God’s Word.

By sharing her story of overcoming tragedy and finding restoration through the power of Christ, she has impacted people from every walk of life. Whether men, women, or children, impoverished, hopeful, or in despair, Cheryl can relate to them…and through her transparent and heartfelt love of God, they can relate to her. She is serving the body of Christ at Unity church of God in Jesup, Georgia for thirteen years, which continues to be her spiritual covering.

Cheryl’s style of ministry is delightfully unique! A powerful speaker, she delivers messages with simplicity that can be applied to everyday living. The anointing upon her life is evident, as many signs have followed this ministry. Countless lives have been transformed through salvation, deliverance, baptism of the Holy Spirit, miracles, healings, and relationships.


Invite Cheryl Mainor to Speak at your facility

Take by Force Ministries is dedicated to relieving the suffering of those addicted to alcohol and other substances by the use of spiritual means.

We will come to your church, community meetings, schools, civic club meetings, and anywhere you need us to conduct a rally. This campaign helps to raise awareness about drug abuse in the community. In addition, personal appearances of recovered addicts are available to share their testimonies and answer questions. Contact us today to schedule a presentation for your group.

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